The impact COVID-19 is having on the wedding industry

wedding rings by old lead-panelled window
© Photographed by John Knight

This week has been yet another difficult one for the wedding industry; not only have couples had to make last minute alterations to what should be their special day, or postpone until next year, but wedding businesses and professionals have had more bookings cancelled and postponed. This pandemic is impacting everyone and inflicting so much stress on all of us; I really and truly feel for everyone that has been affected by COVID-19 in any way.

Personally speaking, I lost my wedding planning business over the summer; I had too many cancellations and, although it broke my heart to admit defeat, I could not afford to keep it going any longer, so I know how devastating this situation is for so many. And I know so many other small businesses, from wedding photographers to cake makers, that are struggling in the midst of the recent announcement by the government that weddings can now only been attending by 15 people; a reduction from 30 that had been put in place over the summer. Obviously, we all understand the severity of the situation and that drastic steps need to be taken in order to keep everyone safe, but it’s heart-breaking to see so many businesses on the point of closure and so many livelihoods at stake.

When the initial lockdown was put in place, many weddings were postponed by six, nine, twelve months, but now it is looking less and less likely that ‘normal’ weddings will be held at all in 2021. After speaking with suppliers I know in the industry, couples now appear to be postponing until 2022, when it is hoped that we will have resumed some sort of normality. Unfortunately, this means that the businesses that had been booked to work on these weddings in the next year, will lose out on a lot of income during the interim, and may not be able to survive.

For anyone who was due to get married in the next few months, please do not give up hope that you will get your special day. Whether you decide to have a small ceremony whilst the restrictions are place, and then have a bigger celebration later; or you decide to delay the entire wedding until a later date, you will still get married and be able to say you ‘I do’s. It just might not be exactly as you had first imagined and planned.

Amidst all of the unknown and certainty regarding what may happen in the future, remember that we are all in this together, we will get through this, and love is not cancelled.

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