Perks of having a Small Wedding

E-Lope Kent | Alfresco wedding reception for intimate wedding or elopement
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Small weddings are going to be the norm for at least the next year, and whilst you might be starting to plan your wedding now (or you may have been planning it for a while), you might not be keen on having a small celebration. However, small weddings can be truly beautiful and incredibly special, and I am going to explore the main perks of having an intimate wedding below…

Firstly, and most obviously, with a small wedding you will have less people attending, which means you may not need as big a budget as first thought, and this in turn has numerous benefits for you. The money you will save by having fewer guests will enable you to splash out on other areas of your day (if you want to); you could get a more extravagant outfit; hire a top photographer and videographer to capture every aspect of your day for you to treasure; you could create personal, bespoke stationery and favours for your guests; or you could use statement accessories or décor to make a big feature at your venue; there are so many ways you could make your wedding a big ‘wow’ without the big guest-list.

Having less people at your wedding also means that you will actually get to see and spend time with each person, and the memories you make will then be even more special; at big weddings, it can be very difficult to actually speak to all of your guests, as there are so many people wanting to talk to you at once. The guests that do attend a small wedding will feel extra-special to have been included, and your day will have an ‘exclusive’ atmosphere to it. If you are concerned about leaving any family and friends out by not inviting them, you could always live-stream the wedding and ask them all to get dressed up so they feel more involved!

You will also have more flexibility with timings for your day, as generally speaking, smaller weddings do not take as long as bigger weddings (less people to serve and move from one area to another, etc.) so you could choose to mix up the order of events, have a brunch wedding or maybe a twilight wedding at sunset.

One of the best things about a small wedding that might make you smile - there’ll be more cake! Or, at least, there could be, depending on the size of the cake! I feel particularly excited about this idea, as I didn’t actually get any of my own wedding cake, and it still makes me a little sad when I think about it. If you ordered a typical three-tiered wedding cake, for example, then not only would you have enough for your guests, but you will have plenty left over for you to have as a post-wedding treat! An alternative to more cake could be the decision to have a more luxurious meal for your wedding breakfast, or perhaps a completely different type of meal, such as an intimate brunch or a cosy afternoon tea.

Weddings are undoubtedly stressful, but with a smaller wedding, the stress could be less (although not non-existent - it is still a wedding, after all!) as the table plan will not be as complicated, and there are less people to coordinate at the venue. On the day itself, you would not be worrying so much about whether or not people are enjoying themselves and having a good time, as you will actually be talking to all them yourself, and you will see what a great time they are having.

If you need more convincing (or you just want some gorgeous intimate wedding inspiration!) have a look at these beautiful intimate weddings that took place during 2020…

Whether you decide to have a big or a small wedding, it will be special and amazing, because it will be yours.

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