Is wedding insurance worth it?

In light of the recent situation regarding COVID-19, I have heard many stories about couples having issues with their insurance company, and I know a lot of people are questioning, now more than ever, whether it is actually worth getting wedding insurance at all. Yes, it’s another thing to pay for, but in the grand scheme of things, with weddings costing anything from £10,000 to £25,000 (Bridebook - The UK Wedding Report 2020) it might just be worth it.

Whilst wedding insurers will not cover situations such as the global pandemic we’re currently experiencing, no one could have predicted the effect this would have on everyone, and on the wedding industry in particular. Wedding insurance companies do provide a useful service, especially when something goes wrong; they offer different levels of cover to protect you should anything happen, such as a supplier going bankrupt or not delivering the service you had agreed. You spend months, sometimes years, planning what should be the most important (and probably the most expensive!) day of your life, so I would highly recommend purchasing at least some level of cover to protect you and your investment in your wedding.

It is worth shopping around to the find the best deal that is most appropriate to you that gives you the cover you require, and you will probably find that the peace of mind it gives you makes it a worthwhile investment. If, for whatever reason, your wedding could not go ahead as planned, you would know that you would not be left completely out of pocket.

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