How to keep children entertained at a wedding

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Children at a wedding; this can be a divisive issue, as some people think that weddings are not weddings without children present, and others think that they should not be there. Whatever your stance on it, if you are going to have children at your wedding (particularly young children), you will need to have some sort of entertainment in place to keep them occupied through the ‘boring’ bits, such as the speeches.

I have put together some suggestions for ways to make sure they are entertained and have a good time, as well as some local companies that provide wedding childcare and games in Kent:

  • face paints

  • animal petting corner

  • garden games

  • hire a creche/nanny

  • clown/children’s entertainer

  • Punch and Judy

  • ‘chill out’ area with tablets and movies

  • ‘make your own food’ area - pizza etc

  • football

  • garden games

  • hide and seek

  • colouring corner

  • dancing

  • fairground rides

  • bouncy castle

  • fireworks

Here are some Kent-based companies that provide childcare, entertainment and games for weddings:

Children's tipis for weddings and parties
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Amchella Events and Sleepovers

They create ‘bespoke and magical wedding corners’, with play dens and a wedding sitting/creche service.

Childcare at a wedding
© Carousel Creche

Carousel Creche

They provide imaginative and engaging toys for the children at your wedding to play with, whilst fully supervising them with their qualified staff.

Kent wedding nanny, childcare at weddings
© The Kent Wedding Nanny

The Kent Wedding Nanny

They provide age-appropriate toys and resources, with games, activities and arts and crafts.

Kent creches, wedding creche, wedding childcare
© Kent Creches

Kent Creches

They offer various packages tailored to suit your requirements and the children attending the wedding.

Children's Glamping and tents for weddings and parties
© The GREAT Little Glamping Company

The GREAT Little Glamping Company

They provide indoor and outdoor tents and chill-out spaces for children at weddings and parties.

Wedding fete activities
© My Wedding Fete

My Wedding Fete They provide a variety of fete games for all the family to enjoy, that is sure to keep little ones (and big ones!) entertained.

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