Feeling Optimistic

Updated: May 3

I don't know about you, but I'm actually starting to feel optimistic about this year. We're now in May (not quite sure how that happened so quickly!) and hopefully warmer weather is on its way (why was April so cold?!) but most importantly, WEDDINGS ARE BAAAAAAAACK!

Last month weddings with up to 15 people could finally take place again, and later this month, this will hopefully increase to 30 people. It has been amazing to see so many of my wedding industry friends receiving more bookings, getting ready for and finally working on weddings again, as well as all of the obviously ecstatic couples who have finally been able to say 'I do'.

I have seen such a variety of beautiful and unique intimate weddings across my social media platforms over the last few weeks; many couples seem to be 'going all out' for their day, with elaborate outfits and 'wow' statement pieces, whilst others are having a simple ceremony and are maybe saving the extravagance for a bigger celebration when normality resumes. Live-streaming has obviously come into its own over the last year, with many of the images I've seen showing the ceremonies being shared around the world and I think that will continue as the travel restrictions remain in place.

Part of me thinks it's slightly unrealistic to expect weddings to return completely to normal when all restrictions are potentially lifted in late June, but I'm still keeping everything crossed that they do (as long as everything is safe, of course). How are you all feeling about further restrictions being lifted? With rumours of a third wave of infections circulating, there is obviously still a sense of unease and uncertainty, but with the vaccine being distributed so successfully, hopefully if there is a third wave, it won't be as devastating, both in terms of the number of infections and deaths, but also the number of people and businesses affected by events and weddings being cancelled.

However, I'm trying not to focus on the negative, and just enjoy the fact that right now, people are able to celebrate and share their love, and that means more beautiful real weddings and incredible styled shoots for me to then share with you! The weddings may not be with as many people attending as the couples originally wanted, or in exactly the way they had imagined, but the fact that they can get married, after the last 14 months, really is everything. Let's just hope the situation as a whole continues to improve, and most importantly, remember: 'love wins'.

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