Fabulous 1920s-inspired wedding outfits and designers

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Vivanna by Theia Bridal, stunning wedding dress
© Theia Bridal

I adore 1920s fashion, especially the wedding dresses; there’s just something about them, whether it’s the seemingly simple designs contrasted with delicate detailed beading, or an elegance unmatched by fashion from other decades, that means that even 100 years on, the style is still incredibly popular. With this in mind, I have found a selection of stunning wedding dresses and designers (along with a list of the Kent-based boutiques and shops that stock the designer) that vary from being heavily influenced by the 20s era, to having subtle hints and touches that make the dress truly eye-catching. There is also a show-stopping jumpsuit in the mix, for anyone who wants to blend the classic 1920s look with a trendy modern twist. Just remember - if you fall in love with a specific dress, just make sure you check with the individual boutique or shop that you want to visit that they have (or can get) it in stock! Happy swooning! All images used are Copyright of the respective designers

Up first we have the entire ‘Roaring Twenties’ Collection by the incredible Eliza Jane Howell. It was so difficult to choose between the outfits from this amazing collection to share with you, but here are three of my favourites (how amazing is that jumpsuit!?). Check out the full range online.

Fitzgerald - Eliza Jane Howell Norma Jumpsuit - Eliza Jane Howell Rockefeller Body & Skirt - Eliza Jane Howell

Eliza Jane Howell Stockists in Kent

The Bridal Boutique of Jules, Deal

These two dresses by Ellis Bridal are gorgeous examples of how your dress can have elegant vintage touches without necessarily being too 20s (if there is such a thing!).

Odette - Ellis Bridal Florence - Ellis Bridal Ellis Bridal Stockists in Kent Victoria Elaine Bridal, Maidstone

These two sleek, sheer dresses by Ivory and Co Bridal look very similar, but they have subtle differences (such as the necklines, the belt positions, etc.) so they create very different looks, whilst still retaining the 20s vibe.

Isis - Ivory and Co Bridal Tigerlily - Ivory and Co Bridal Ivory and Co Bridal Stockists in Kent Marianne Jessica, Bromley The Bridal Boutique of Jules, Deal

These three sparkly, elegant dresses by Jenny Packham are simply gorgeous and are all so detailed and intricate; they’re perfect for a 1920s wedding.

Siempre - Jenny Packham Jackie - Jenny Packham Palermo - Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham Stockists in Kent Amore Brides, Canterbury

Justin Alexander has created these gorgeous designs that are modern with a touch of vintage in the fabulous beaded bodices.

88074- Justin Alexander 88164 - Justin Alexander Justin Alexander Stockists in Kent Perfection Bridal, Maidstone Isabella Grace Bridal, Tunbridge Wells Wedding World, Folkestone

The ‘Ettia’ dress by Maggie Sottero has been featured many times on wedding blogs, and it’s easy to see why; it’s a perfect example of a 1920s-style wedding dress. The ‘Elaine’ is equally stunning, with it’s deep plunging neckline giving it a modern edge.

Ettia - Maggie Sottero Elaine - Maggie Sottero Maggie Sottero Stockists in Kent Bridal Way, Ramsgate Go Bridal, Tunbridge Wells Jodi Bridal, Maidstone Victoria’s Bridal Boutique, Orpington Wedding World, Folkestone

These beautiful dresses by Marylise Bridal offer an understated look that is still gorgeous and have the ‘wow’ factor with their simple lines and detailed beading.

Shine the Light - Marylise All Eyes On You - Marylise

Marylise Bridal Stockists in Kent Clementine Bridal Boutique, Westerham The Bridal Boutique of Jules, Deal

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have Theia Bridal. They offer an exquisite range of dresses adorned with beading and sparkles, many of which have a 1920s edge; so much so, that I struggled to choose just three to show you!

Nima - Theia Bridal Vivianna - Theia Bridal Antonia - Theia Bridal

Theia Bridal Stockists in Kent Harper Smith Bridal, Canterbury Isabella Grace Bridal, Tunbridge Wells Are you wanting to make your wedding a little bit different? Have a look at these great ideas and tips.

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