Dogs at weddings - how to have the ‘pawfect’ day

Dog wearing a tux ready for a wedding
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For some couples, their dogs are integral members of their family, so when it comes to their wedding, they feel that it wouldn’t be the same without their fur-babies present.

Obviously, the first thing to do is find out if your venue allows dogs! If it does, then great - you’ll be able to have them there at some point during the day. If not, then you’ll have to be a bit more inventive to find a way to include them; this could be anything from having bride/groom prep shots with the dog(s) and whoever is getting ready at home, having photos of your hound positioned around the venue, naming a drink after your pup, mentioning them in the speeches or (my personal favourite!) having a life-size cardboard cut-out of your pooch on-hand so you can have some photos with ‘them’ at the venue.

To help your dog look the part on your special day, whether they are allowed at your venue or not, why not have them wearing something that matches your colour scheme or style? Matchimony and Aurora Pets are both Kent-based businesses that supply dog bow ties which are perfect to complete your dog’s ‘wedding look’.

If you are able to have your dog at your venue, it is worth considering hiring a dog-sitting service for the day; this means you have someone on-hand to look after your pooch, leaving you free to enjoy your special day knowing your fur-baby is ok nearby and you don’t have to worry about them during the ceremony or whilst you’re off having your photos taken. Dog chaperones often pick up your hound, escort them to and whilst at the venue, before taking them home again. They may also take them for a walk and feed them, depending on what you agree.

Here are some Kent-based businesses that offer dog chaperone services: Ashford Paws Furrytail Weddings Happy Paws Kent Kings Pet Services Tail Tales And finally, if you’re able to, then how about giving your pooch an active role in the wedding, such as being the ring bearer, or maybe even a cameraman (or camera-dog?); depending on your dog’s temperament, you could attach a go-pro camera to their collar and have them record the day from their perspective! That’s one way to definitely get some wedding memories with a difference!

What ways have you thought of to include your pet pooches on your wedding day?

Want some more canine inspiration? Check out this fabulous doggy wedding shoot at a unique Kent wedding venue.

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